We lead supplies of formalin codevers and plastinated speciman (normal and abnormal) in Saudi Arabia

    Normal Specimen

    • 1- Anatomy of the 21st Century
    • 2- whole Body mix
    • 3- locomotice system
    • 4- Digestive Dystem
    • 5- respiratory system
    • 6- circulatory system
    • 7- Urogental system
    • 8- nervous system
    • 9- Transparent Slices
    • 10- cast specimens

    Abnormal Specimen

    Truth Medical Corporation believes in operating transparency with integrity and to expand our business alongside Middle East

    Anotomy Tools

    Truth Medical Corporation
    has been a distributor of pathology supplies, morgue equipment, autopsy equipment and mortuary equipment.
    Additionally, Truth Medical sell a wide variety of autopsy tables, downdraft tables, mortuary tables, post mortem tables, dissecting tables and embalming tables. We offer the best mortuary solutions.
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    Truth Medical Corporation
    is a leading supplier of quality medical, laboratory and instrumentation products including medical analyzers, fiber measurement machine, software's and internet service as well as miniature pumps and valves and other plastic fittings and tubing's.
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    Labrotory Instruments

    Truth Medical Corporation
    is a leading supplier for Laboratory, Hospital and Medical equipment from reputable American, European and Canadian manufacturers, mainly in Blood Banking, Microplate Technology, Industrial Microbiology and Controlled Environment.
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