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    Truth Medical Corporation is a medical establishment that is focused on improving better educational / research tools, healthcare facilities by supplying the latest educational analytical and medical equipment's, consumables and services. Truth Medical Corporation was established in 2010. It is a steadily growing organization in the field of Medical, Laboratory, Analytical and Educational Services. We provide solution to our customers. Our customer includes both private and governmental institutions and we are confident with our relationship with them. We are here to internationalize the standards of the HealthCare facilities available. Truth Medical Corporation operates with a futuristic point of view and provides a dedicated customer service which is the central model in which we operate. We consider it to be of prime importance to us to ensure long lasting relationship with our customers and supplies. We keep ourselves updated with latest technological developments and ensure in providing quality products. We take immense care in providing all the hospitals with quality products that help in better functionality. Quality is definitely the most important features that are necessary for medical equipments which deal with accuracy and precision and so we guarantee in providing quality products which is of top priority to us.


    Truth Medical Corporation mission is to provide quality products that enriches and empowers health care facilities. We also believe in holding long lasting relationship with the customers by providing proper after sales support and service. Customers and supplies are our strength and so we ensure in maintaining enduring relationship with them. Safety is the foremost priority for us and so we make sure to learn about the product and its safety before we include it in our product list.


    Truth Medical Corporation believes in operating transparently with integrity and to expand our business alongside Middle East. We see ourselves to be one of the leading companies in the near future. We want to integrate social and environmental responsibility in our business. We understand that success has no limitations and so we strive hard to attain success in every possible way but definitely in an ethical manner. We constantly keep on our business strategy and we find newer ways of competing in the market. We implement innovative ideas which are one of our competitive edges. We work on a futuristic point of view and that help us maintain good customer relationship. Quality and safety are of prime importance for us.


    We are in business to provide quality and reliable healthcare products and we ensure in doing it successfully. We have excellent marketing team and skilled service employees who work dedicatedly. We constantly do market research that helps us understand the market and its needs. Based on the research we work on a strategy that will be best fitted.


    We are operating to provide healthcare needs and quality and safety is our priority. We also understand that it is each of our responsibility to protect the environment and so we concentrate on environmental friendly products as well. We focus on the newer technologies available and we help creating better healthcare facilities that will create a better tomorrow. We want to create a better environment and so we are constantly in search of new products that will be environmentally safe. We want to bring in newer products that are both advanced and environmental friendly. We understand that concept of sustainability and its importance and we want to make it in integrated part of our business. We as corporate citizens want to be socially at large by helping the downtrodden by providing them with the basic needs. We also ensure in providing our employees better working conditions which in fact improves our service quality. We want to be ethical and want to abide high moral and social values.

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